Neway Valve Seat Cutters - 1-3/4" Standard Series

How to Choose a Neway Valve Seat Cutter Size
Choose Cutter Size Closest to the Valve Head Diameter - Cutters 1-1/2" and larger have a range of about +/-1/4" the stated cutter body size. Steep angle cutters (60 degree and up) have a smaller working range. By chosing a Cutter Body at or slightly under the Valve Head Diameter, any interference from the combustion chamber should be eliminated.
Choose the Proper Angle - Cutters are available with several different angles. OEM specifications will dictate which angles are required for your application. For Cutter Bodies under 1-1/2", single sided cutters offer more operating range than the double sided cutters.
Select the Appropriate Valve Guide Pilots - To maintain concentricity, it is critical that your valve guide pilots are the correct size and in good condition. Don't waste time and money trying to get by with old, beat up valve guide pilots.
Product Instructions Download:
Neway Cutter Instruction Manual (1.9 MB Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)