ZERO Inex 3048R Abrasive Blast Cabinet

ZERO Inex 3048R Abrasive Blast Cabinet
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INEX Blast Cabinets
The INEX™ is a light-duty intermittent-use cabinet with a 300 cfm reclaimer and reverse-pulse dust collector. The addition of a reclaimer increases production by ensuring only clean properly sized blast media is being used. It also protects the work pieces from being contaminated by dirt and debris that would otherwise be recycled in a hopper-feed blast cabinet. The media reclaimer increases ventilation and aids visibility inside the cabinet.

The INEX™ features a 45-3/4” wide x 27-3/4” deep x 28” high working chamber with dual side doors. Both doors are fitted with safety interlock switches that automatically stop or prevent blasting if either door is open.

The 300 cfm CDC-1 dust collector takes safety and cleanliness to the next level. Its reverse-pulse cartridges greatly increase air cleanliness exhausted from the cabinet by trapping 99.7% of dust particles down to 0.5 micron. It also allows optional bag-in bag-out cartridge changes, an essential safety feature if you are working with hazardous or unknown materials. The overall dimensions of the CDC-1 are: 34” W x 42” D x 94” H, with a maintenance height of 11 ft.


  • Eliminates the hazards of open blasting.
  • Full-length neoprene-on-fabric gloves.
  • Safety door interlock system stops blasting when either door is opened. (Model 3048R only)
  • Pedal-activated blast gun eliminates moving parts from inside the enclosure (no more jammed blast gun triggers).
  • Dust collector traps blast dust for safe disposal (stop scooping dust and spent media from the blast hopper).
  • Shatter-resistant glass window gives distortion-free view.
  • Pressure regulator and gauge.


  • Large, freestanding enclosure – with full doors on bothsides – holds bigger parts than any bench-top model.
  • 1/2-inch air line and efficient air filter let you use up to 3/8-inch nozzles to make fast work of most blast projects.
  • Outside-mounted light illuminates work chamber.
  • 300-cfm reclaimer (on 3048R) continuously separates good abrasive from dust and fines.
  • Rugged 14-gauge steel construction.

Available Literature:
22847 - ZERO Economy Blast Cabinets (Rev. F)