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Shop-Mate™ Economy Suction Cabinet
The Shop Mate™ is a hopper suction feed entry-level intermittent-use cabinet featuring a 48” wide x 26” deep x 26” high working chamber with dual side doors, and flip up front access panel for loading heavy parts. A 120 cfm dust bag drum collector optimizes visibility inside the cabinet while blasting.

Although the Shop Mate™ does not have a media reclaimer, it has a spring-operated quick-drain hopper designed to accommodate a standard-size 5-gallon bucket. This feature makes disposing of worn-out media a quick, simple, and clean process. Optional drum-liner bags ease the disposal process.

The Shop Mate™ comes with a No. 4 BNP® Gun with a 5/16” orifice ceramic nozzle, but can be used with long-wearing tungsten-carbide or boron-carbide nozzle when aggressive media is used.

A conveniently located easy to use lens-on-a-roll prolongs the life of the view window glass, protecting its interior surface.


  • 14-gauge Steel Construction
  • High Output Fluorescent Lighting
  • Large Shatter-Resistant Glass Window
  • Pedal-activated blast gun eliminates moving parts from inside the enclosure (no more jammed blast gun triggers).
  • Neoprene-On-Fabric Gloves
  • Pressure Gauge & Regulator
  • Moisture Trap


Available Literature:
22847 - ZERO Economy Blast Cabinets (Rev. F)