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The Flex-Hone® Tool is a resilient, flexible honing tool used to improve the internal surface finish while also being able to deburr a bore or cylinder. It is comprised of abrasive globules laminated onto the ends of flexible nylon filaments. It’s unique construction allows the tool to be self-aligning, self-centering and self-compensating for wear. The tool provides the benefit of removing loose, torn and folded metal and creating a substantially flat or plateau surface. An additional important application for the Flex-Hone Tool is burr removal from cross-drilled holes.

Tool diameter is determined by the nominal bore size in which the tool is to operate. The Flex-Hone tool is always produced and used in an oversize condition. The degree of oversize creates a soft cutting action. For example, a 1” FlexHone size is ordered if a 1” bore is to be finished and the tool is provided oversized. If the bore size is between standard Flex-Hone sizes, the next larger standard Flex-Hone should be selected. For instance, if the nominal bore is 1.093”, then the 1-1/8” Flex-Hone is ordered.