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Dual LED Retrofit Kit - BNP 600, 6012, 7012 & 720

Dual LED Retrofit Kit - BNP 600, 6012, 7012 & 720

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Clemco LED Retrofit Kits come fully assembled. Using only basic hand tools, they quickly drop into place. The kits cost less than Clemco fluorescent replacement kits and carry a five-year warranty on the light component.
The more clearly operators see a workpiece inside a cabinet, the more quickly and accurately they can finish the job. They are less likely to:
• Miss the nooks and crannies of a workpiece.
• Incorrectly see a workpiece’s colors or surface details.
• Blast a section too lightly or too intensely.
• Need to remove a workpiece, inspect it, and then place it back in the cabinet.
Clemco LED lights outperform fluorescent and incandescent bulbs in the characteristics of light that are commonly used to determine light quality in industrial applications.
• Measure of how much light a source emits.
• Typical fluorescent bulbs in blast cabinets emit around 1700 lumens.
• Clemco LED lights emit 4000 lumens, more than double that of comparable fluorescents.
• Measures how much emitted light actually reaches an object.
• The fluorescent lights previously used in Clemco’s BNP-65 Blast Cabinets had an average foot-candle rating of 75.
• The new LEDs have an average of 315 foot-candles—a 320% brightness upgrade.
Color Temperature
• Describes the characteristics of visible light from a particular source. For example, sunlight at noon on a clear day is approximately 5500K. (Measured in degrees kelvin— abbreviated K.)
• Typical incandescent bulbs emit light between 2700K and 3000K.
• Clemco LEDs emit 5000K light, near that of clear sunlight.
Clemco LEDs Last Up to 45,000 Hours
• Comparable fluorescents: 15,000 hours
• Comparable incandescent: 1,500 hours
• LEDs’ extended lifespans significantly reduce maintenance and replacement costs.
Low Power Usage
• LEDs consume 60%-75% less power than fluorescent bulbs to achieve the same light output and 90% less power than incandescent bulbs.
Directional Emission
• LEDs naturally emit light over 180°. All other light sources emit light 360°; think of how light emits as a halo around a traditional light bulb.
• An LED light with the same lumens output as an incandescent or fluorescent bulb is in practice twice as bright because all of its light is focused over 180° rather than 360°. You are not wasting light—or paying to light the ceiling.
Rugged & Durable
• Clemco LEDs are solid-state. They have no filaments, tubes, or bulbs, so they are essentially break-resistant. Vibrations and other types of impact rarely affect them.
Diffusion Lens Cover
• Clemco LEDs’ only glass component is a lens, which is protected by a replaceable acrylic diffusion cover that reduces hard shadows.
Smaller Footprint
• Clemco’s LED light fixtures are less than half the size of its previous fluorescent fixtures—yet more powerful.
Temperature Tolerant / Instantaneous Switching
• Clemco LEDs start up and function glitch-free between -22°F and 120°F.
• They have no warm-up or cool-down periods, so they turn on and off instantly—in nanoseconds.
• Frequent switching does not degrade them
Environmentally Friendly
• Clemco LEDs contain no mercury or other hazardous materials.

Image shown is a single LED Retrofit Kit. The Dual LED Retrofit Kit includes two LED light fixture assemblies mounted to a single mounting plate for fast and simple installation.