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Universal Piston Ring Filer

Universal Piston Ring Filer

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Quickly and easily size piston rings for proper fitment.

Using the Tool
1. Place the piston ring on the outer edge against the stop and the ends squarely against the grinding wheel. A light, even pressure against the wheel works best and will help prevent grinding too large a gap.
2. Turn the handle so the grinding wheel turns towards the inside edge of the ring (counter-clockwise when viewed from the handle side of the tool).
3. CAUTION! This is a diamond grinding wheel. It cuts fast!

Checking Piston Ring Gap
1. Carefully remove any burrs on the ring ends before placing the ring in the bore. A light touch with a fine abrasive stone works well.
2. It is a good idea to clean the rings thoroughly with a lacquer thinner or acetone as the paint coating from the factory will occasionally scratch the cylinder bore. Caution - always wear gloves.
3. Place the ring squarely in the cylinder bore, about 1" down from the deck surface. An upside down flat top piston will help you properly square the ring.
4. Use a feeler gauge to measure the ring's end gap. Light grinding pressure and frequent checking will help prevent you from making the end gap too large.
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