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VSI 1.00x1.39x1.542(50pc) - A502HP

VSI 1.00x1.39x1.542(50pc) - A502HP

Item# A502HP
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VSI 1.00x1.39x1.542 50 per Box Type "A" Cup Style .060 Thick High Performance

For decades, engine builders have been installing VSIŽ inserts/adjusters on all valve jobs. Why? Because they are superior to plain shims. Only VSIŽ has patented heatretarding serrations. Whether you"re a PER or CER (Custom Engine Rebuilder), VSIŽ completes the valve job, building your reputation while doing a complete job for your customer.

High-Performance Series VSIŽ are the preferred valve spring insert when assembling High-Performance cylinder heads. Aluminum heads require the installation of inserts to prevent the valve spring from damaging the aluminum spring seat. Standard shims are unable to handle the stress of racing spring pressures.

.060 Type “A” For Serviceable Springs HP - Blue, Case Hardened