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BRM 1" (25.4MM) 180 Grit Flex-Hone

BRM 1" (25.4MM) 180 Grit Flex-Hone

Item# BC10018
Flex-Hone tools create a cross-hatch finish on the ID of the valve guide bore for better oil retention and less wear on both the valve guide and the valve stem. The BC Series Flex-Hone tool is designed for use on any type or size of cylinder from 4mm up to 3" in diameter. This cylinder hone is designed for surface finishing and cross hole deburring in brake cylinders, wheel cylinders, hydraulics, pneumatics and valve guides.

Recommended RPM: 800 - 1200

Remember, Flex-Hone tools are designed to be used with Honing Oil or and oil based lubricant. Never use solvents with your Flex-Hone as it will degrade the adhesive bonds in the tool.