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Sioux Style Carbide Tapered Pilot(.236" / 6.0mm) .385 top

Sioux Style Carbide Tapered Pilot(.236" / 6.0mm) .385 top

Item# CPT-236S
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Tapered Carbide Pilot (.236" / 6.0) with .385 top size (SIOUX)

Our carbide pilots are manufactured from fine grain sintered tungsten carbide and are ground to a very high degree of accuracy, straightness and surface finish. Only solid carbide pilots can provide the accuracy and rigidity for highly accurate valve seat machining. This is especially critical for high performance engines and very small valve guides. The high strength and wear characteristics of solid carbide helps minimize deflection, ensuring valve seat to valve guide concentricity.

Extra care is required when using solid carbide valve guide pilots. Carbide pilots will break or chip if dropped or abused.