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Neway Valve Seat Cutter  2" - 70

Neway Valve Seat Cutter 2" - 70

Item# CU684
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Neway Valve Seat Cutter - 2.00/50.8mm - 70°

Part Number CU684
Name Neway Valve Seat Cutter - 2.00/50.8mm - 70°
Diameter 2.00/50.8mm
Angle 70°
Pilot Type Required .375" Top Size - 140, 150 or 200 Series Pilots
Blade Count 5
Blade Type TC254
Operating Range Minimum 47.5mm / 1.87"
Operating Range Maximum 60.5mm / 2.32"

Valve Seat Cutting with Neway

Valve seat reconditioning is simple, accurate, and clean with Neway’s carbide-bladed cutters. Neway’s user-friendly valve seat cutters allow you to precisely machine a multi-angle valve seat in a matter of minutes. Tungsten carbide leaves a perfectly flat, machined surface, ideal for optimal sealing efficiency and heat transfer. We stock a large inventory of genuine Neway Valve Seat Cutters, Valve Guide Pilots and accessories. Custom valve seat cutting kits are available on request, please contact us with any questions.

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