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Head Surfacer Belt - 40 Grit Blue Zirconia

Head Surfacer Belt - 40 Grit Blue Zirconia

Item# HRB322
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Cylinder Head Resurfacing Belt - 11-7/8" x 89" Blue Zirconia for Cast Iron and Aluminum 40 Grit

Each belt is manufactured with higher quality, blue zirconia abrasive grains that are best suited for quick cutting, long life and high production rates. Blue Zirconia belts can be used on cast iron and steel. Down pressure is required

11-7/8 inch wide by 89 inch belts will fit the follwing machines: Rogers RMC800, Winona Van Norman PG-1229, Serv-Equip PG-1229

Quantity discounts are available! Discounts will be applied after the order is placed:

3 - 4 belts = 10% discount

5 + belts - 15% discount