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Head Surfacer Belt - 40 Grit Ceramic

Head Surfacer Belt - 40 Grit Ceramic

Item# HRB472
Cylinder Head Resurfacing Belt - 11-7/8" x 101" Maroon Ceramic for Cast Iron and Steel 40 Grit

Each belt is manufactured with the best quality, maroon ceramic abrasive grains with a perfectly uniform grain. Ceramic belts will outlast all other types of belts. Best used on Cast Iron and Steel with down pressure.

11-7/8 inch wide by 101 inch belts will fit the follwing machines: Winona Van Norman PG-1232

Quantity discounts are available! Discounts will be applied after the order is placed:

3 - 4 belts = 10% discount

5 + belts - 15% discount