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Hand Valve Guide Driver - 7mm Valve Guides

Hand Valve Guide Driver - 7mm Valve Guides

Item# HD-7MM
For use with 7mm Valve Guides: Specifications - Pilot Size: .260" (6.6mm), Driver OD Size: .434" (11.0mm)

Our Valve Guide Drivers are designed to remove and install cast iron or solid bronze valve guides easily. One degree of relief is applied to the face of the valve guide driver to prevent the valve guide from mushrooming during installation.

Constructed of high quality, hardened steel alloy with a rust resistant black finish.

NOTE: Extreme care must be used when installing small diameter valve guides (7mm and smaller). If the Valve Guide Driver is not aligned correctly with the valve guide, the piloting section of the installation tool can be over stressed and broken. We WILL NOT warranty small diameter valve guide tools for breakage.

Made with pride in the USA.