Blue Max SW-2832 Combination Spraywasher/Hot Tank

Blue Max SW-2832 Combination Spraywasher/Hot Tank
Product Information
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1500 lbs
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Product Description

The Blue Max spacious 28" diameter turntable allows for studded block applications while the 32" vertical height will hold most any 6 cylinder block application.

Spring loaded lay down door and rollout turntable makes for easy loading and unloading. Lay down door keeps the shop floor drier and cleaner.

A well designed spray manifold is a key component for good cleaning. The Blue Max series uses large 2" diameter tubing with smooth radius style elbows in a 360 degree design inside the spray chamber for a non restrictive flow. Couple this design with its 7.5 hp pump and you get 100 gallons of hot water every minute over the parts inside quickly sheering away grease and grime.

Standard tooling includes a clamping fixture for cylinder heads, intakes, cranks and other components.