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Standard Engine Cylinder Hone

Standard Engine Cylinder Hone

Item# 15000
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The 15000 Engine Cylinder Hone micrometer head assures accuracy in feeding. Expands quickly to cylinder size with fast action rack and pinion. Bottom guard plate helps prevent stones from accidentally hitting the crankshaft. Universal joint action makes honing of rear cylinders easy. Clip-on stones and wipers are available in four grits and easily changed in just a few seconds. Long, 5" stones cut faster and more accurately. Use with any heavy-duty 1/2" drill motor.

The 15000 Engine Cylinder Hone includes hone body with (2) 15540 standard range racks( 3.00" - 4.25"), (2) 15500 coarse stones, (2) 15510 medium stones, cleaning brush, dressing paddle and storage case.