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ZERO 11502 Filter Bag

ZERO 11502 Filter Bag

Item# 11502
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For use on all 600cfm Abrasive Blast Cabinet Reclaimers

Primarily used in occasional-use industrial settings or other intermittent blast operations and by hobbyists, cloth dust bags trap dust expelled by the cabinet reclaimer. ZERO dust bags are double-wall construction, 100 percent cotton sateen. Zippered clean-out permits quick removal of trapped dust and contaminants. Dust bags must be inspected often for wear and emptied frequently, making them suitable only for occasional blasting and lightduty applications.

Dust bags offer an economical method of filtering exhaust air. The most inexpensive form of dust collection, dust bags are used on cabinets equipped with a media reclaimer with powered exhauster. Adding a reclaimer and dust bag to a basic cabinet offers improved visibility and reduces air-borne contaminants. Depending upon the dustiness of the application, dust bags are usually suitable for cabinets used only occasionally and for short blast periods.