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SVSII Deluxe High Performance Valve Refacer

SVSII Deluxe High Performance Valve Refacer

Item# 012-0005-01
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Kwik-Way SVSIID Valve Refacer


The Kwik-Way SVSII-HP is equipped with an air activated, self-aligning six-ball chuck that is accurate to within .0002".

Six-Ball alignment for perfect grinding

Every Kwik-Way chuck features two sets of balls - 3 to a set - which grip the valve stem on that part which travels in the valve guide. Independent studies have concluded that the Kwik-Way Centerline System grinds valves with greater accuracy than other collet, conical-centering or centerless chuck design machines.

The Kwik-Way Principle: CENTERLINE

The Kwik-Way “Centerline System” is the only way to correct and align valve faces to that portion of the valve stem operating in the guide. Unless a valve is scientifically aligned, the valve face will be ground eccentric to its true center. A new valve is true and mechanically accurate in all its proportions. The valve face and stem are concentric with the same centerline.

Warping occurs only in that part of the valve that is subject to extreme heat - the portion above the guide and in the valve head. To correct a warped valve so it will function properly when replaced in the engine, the valve face must be restored to concentricity with the portion of the stem that operates in the guide. The “Centerline System” assures this alignment and accuracy.

SUPERIOR FINISH: Kwik-Way’s separate, belt driven spindle isolates any motor vibration or harmonics to provide a smooth “chatter free” finish. Kwik-Way offers a wide variety of grinding wheels to fit your specific needs from general purpose to specialty applications such as titanium and hard alloy valves. The variable speed chuck and precise spindle speed meet the grinding requirements of the wide range of materials and valve diameters used in today’s engines to assure superior finish.

IMPRESSIVE SPEED: The chuck is air-activated to open quickly to its full diameter at the touch of a button, Operators can work through a wide range of valve sizes without stopping to change collets. Stem end grinding, chamfering and rocker arm grinding features are all standard. Other machines may require you to grind the valve stem prior to refacing the valve. This is not required with the exclusive Kwik-Way Six-Ball Chuck. Dressing the wheel is extremely fast. The diamond dressing tool pivots out of the way when not in use.

SOLID WARRANTY: If you are looking for a valve refacer that could easily be your last, the Kwik-Way Valve Refacer is your solution. Kwik-Way is so confident this machine is built to last, it comes with a 3 Year Warranty. The Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe is designed to be your long-term machine for speed and accuracy.

  • Air-Operated, Six-Ball chuck accurate to within .0002""
  • Variable speed chuck - 100-300 RPM
  • Standard Capacity: .157" - .5625" (4.0 - 14.3mm) Optional chuck up to .8268" (21mm)
  • Valve Head Diameter Capacity: .750" - 4.0" (19mm - 101.6mm)
  • Adjustable grinding head
  • Micrometer feed
  • Superior visibility
  • 7" (178mm) valve face grinding wheel
  • Valve angles from 13 - 62 degrees
  • Rocker arm attachment standard
  • Three year warranty