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6.6mm Deluxe Guide-Liner Kit

6.6mm Deluxe Guide-Liner Kit

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Original K-Line Guide-Liner Kits

6.6mm Deluxe K-Line Guide-Liner Kit

Complete kit designed for use with KL9942, KL9943 and KL9900 featuring the Black Beauty Carbide Boring Reamer and deluxe tooling. Packaged in a plastic storage box, complete with step-by-step instructions.

Kit Includes:

  • KL3571CB-9 Boring Reamer
  • KL9930 Reamer Bushing
  • KL2504 Go-No-Go Gage
  • 6.6mm Guide Brush
  • KL9972 Guide-Liner Auto-Installer
  • .260, .261 & .262 Ball Broaches
  • KL4233 Guide-Top Cutter with 6.6mm pilot
  • 6.6mm Flex-Hone
  • KL5684 Guide-Liner Removal Tool

Insist on the Original. K-Line Guide-Liners are manufactured in the USA. K-Line's leadership in developing new, cost effective ways to repair worn valve guides led to the development of the BRONZE BULLET INTERRUPTED SPIRAL GUIDE-LINER over thirty years ago.
Today, the Guide-Liner is one of the most popular repair alternatives, approved by Ford, GM, Caterpillar, Cummins, among other OEMs for use in rebuilding their engines.

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