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Valve Guide Reamers - Bronze Guides

Bronze Valve Guide Finish Reamer. High quality reamers that are specially fluted, heat-treated and ground for improved cutting geometry.

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Item # Size Application Quantity Price
KL1185NB.2160 (5.5mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
SL1185B.2160 (5.5mm)Bronze Guides$63.95
KL1110NB.236 (6.0mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1173NB.260 (6.6mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1111NB.2755 (7.0mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1116NB.310 (7.87mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1117NB.311 (7.90mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1118NB.312 (5/16")Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1176NB.313 (7.95mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1177NB.314 (7.98mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1112NB.315 (8.0mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1174NB.316 (8.03mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1175NB.317 (8.05mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1119NB.341 (8.66mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1120NB.342 (8.69mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1121NB.343 (8.71mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1122NB.344 (11/32")Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1123NB.345 (8.76mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1113NB.3543 (9.0mm)Bronze Guides$55.95
KL1124NB.371 (9.42mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1125NB.372 (9.45mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1126NB.373 (9.47mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1127NB.374 (9.50mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1128NB.375 (3/8")Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1193NB.377 (9.58mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
KL1182NB.378 (9.60mm)Bronze Guides$59.95
SL1114B.394 (10.007mm)Bronze Guides$89.86