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Valve Guide Reamers - Cast Iron Guides

Finish reamers for Cast Iron Valve Guides. High quality reamers crafted from the finest tool steel and tempered for long life. Piloted for self-centering action. Spiral flutes give a smooth, even cut.

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Item # Size Application Quantity Price
1575SE.1575 (4.00mm)Cast Iron$97.95
1771SE.1771 (4.50mm)Cast Iron$97.95
1960SE.1960 (4.98mm)Cast Iron$97.95
KL1060.197 (5.0mm)Cast Iron$59.95
1980SE.1980 (5.03mm)Cast Iron$97.95
KL1061.214 (5.44mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1062.215 (5.46mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1185.2165 (5.5mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1063.217 (5.51mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1064.218 (5.54mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1199.234 (5.94mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1216.235 (5.97mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1110.236 (6.0mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1217.237 (6.02mm)Cast Iron$59.95
1108.238 (6.05mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1115.250 (1/4")Cast Iron$66.95
1183.256 (6.50mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1206.257 (6.53mm)Cast Iron$66.95
KL1207.258 (6.55mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1208.259 (6.58mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1173.260 (6.6mm)Cast Iron$59.95
1184.261 (6.63mm)Cast Iron$66.95
KL1186.262 (6.65mm)Cast Iron$59.95
1222.273 (6.93mm)Cast Iron$66.95
KL1157.274 (6.96mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1111.2756 (7.0mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1214.276 (7.01mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1148.277 (7.03mm)Cast Iron$59.95
1225.278 (7.06mm)Cast Iron$66.50
KL1187.281 (9/32")Cast Iron$59.95
1116.310 (7.87mm)Cast Iron$66.95
KL1117.311 (7.90mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1118.312 (5/16")Cast Iron$59.95
KL1176.313 (7.95mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1177.314 (7.98mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1112.315 (8.0mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1174.316 (8.03mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1175.317 (8.05mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1178.318 (8.08mm)Cast Iron$59.95
1212.320 (8.13mm)Cast Iron$66.95
KL1188.327 (8.31mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1210.340 (8.64mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1119.341 (8.66mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1120.342 (8.69mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1121.343 (8.71mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1180.3435 (11/32")Cast Iron$59.95
KL1122.344 (8.74mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1123.345 (8.76mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1136.346 (8.79mm)Cast Iron$59.95
1181.347 (8.81mm)Cast Iron$66.95
KL1137.348 (8.84mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1190.353 (8.97mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1113.3543 (9.0mm)Cast Iron$59.95
1191.355 (9.02mm)Cast Iron$66.95
KL1192.356 (9.04mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1215.357 (9.06mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1138.358 (9.09mm)Cast Iron$59.95
1124.371 (9.42mm)Cast Iron$66.95
KL1125.372 (9.45mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1126.373 (9.47mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1127.374 (9.50mm)Cast Iron$59.95
1128.375 (3/8")Cast Iron$66.95
KL1128.375 (3/8")Cast Iron$59.95
KL1139.376 (9.55mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1193.377 (9.58mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1182.378 (9.60mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1209.379 (9.63mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1194.380 (9.65mm)Cast Iron$59.95
1231.381 (9.68mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1195.385 (9.78mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1228.386 (9.80mm)Cast Iron$66.95
KL1196.388 (9.86mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1197.390 (9.91mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1205.393 (9.98mm)Cast Iron$59.95
KL1114.3937 (10.00mm)Cast Iron$59.95
1229.395 (10.03mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1129.396 (10.05mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1160.401 (10.18mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1161.402 (10.21mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1162.403 (10.24mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1163.404 (10.26mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1164.405 (10.29mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1130.406 (10.31mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1134.433 (11.00mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1167.434 (11.02mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1140.435 (11.05mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1142.436 (11.07mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1131.437 (11.10mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1168.438 (11.13mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1169.439 (11.15mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1165.453 (11.51mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1203.470 (11.94mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1135.472 (12.00mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1170.495 (12.57mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1171.496 (12.60mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1172.497 (12.62mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1179.499 (12.67mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1132.500 (12.70mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1200.501 (12.72mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1201.502 (12.75mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1198.561 (14.25mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1133.562 (14.27mm)Cast Iron$66.95
1202.625 (15.87mm)Cast Iron$66.95